Replacing A Washer’s Drain Hose

There are many different issues that can cause a washer to leak water, but if you have discovered that you had leaking water due to a damaged drain hose on your washer, you potentially lucked out of what could have been a complicated repair.

Over time, the rubber drain hose responsible for ferrying away the wash water can become damaged. It can crack and start to leak, but luckily, it is something that is very easy to replace.

While the drain hose is an easy repair to make, you need to be very diligent in the replacement hose you choose. Every washer comes with distinct specifications for their drain hose. Before choosing a replacement, you will want to consult your owner’s manual to choose the best replacement part. You will also want to get a hose that is about the same length as your old hose so it can perform its function as designed.

Changing Your Washer’s Drain Hose

With a carefully chosen drain hose on hand, you should start this repair by flipping the circuit breaker for your washer and shutting off the water to your washer. You can now remove the drain hose from the drain, be sure to have a bucket or other water catch on hand when doing this in case there is still fluid inside.

Your drain hose is held on to the back of your washer by a clamp. If necessary, hold the clamp still with a set of pliers as you unscrew it. Once the clamp is removed, you can easily pull the drain hose away. If the clamp is undamaged, you can reuse it, but your replacement hose should come with new clamps.

With the new hose, slide the clamp on and position it at the drain opening of your washer. Locate where the hose rests on the connector and secure the clamp. You will want to make sure the connection is fairly snug, so if it wiggles around too much, make the clamp tighter.

You can now repeat this process at the other end of the hose, again making sure that the hose is snuggly fit. After reconnecting the power and water, it is time to do a test wash to make sure there are no issues.


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