How to Solve a Walking Washer

August 17, 2020
Washer Repair

Has your washer hit the spin cycle and started vibrating itself out of its alcove? This is an annoying issue not only because you have to scoot your washer back, but because it is also a very noisy occurrence as well. Lucky for you, as far as washer problems go, this issue is easily fixed. In most cases, it requires virtually no disassembly.

Imbalanced Loads

One of the first things that you need to check when your washer starts trying to walk away is the load itself. If the load becomes imbalanced and ends up more on one side than the other, then it can cause your washer to start walking. This can happen if you are washing things with different weights when wet, like a bunch of blue jeans. The fix here is easy. You simply need to redistribute the weight. Sometimes you may even need to remove some of the heavier fabrics and dry them in a separate load.

Uneven Legs

Your washer, no matter how new or old it is, comes with adjustable legs. These are present so even if the actual floor it sits on is uneven, the washer can still sit evenly. However, if the adjustable legs fall out of adjustment, it can cause a walking washer. What happens is that the washer tilts and thus the load inside the washer tilts. This will cause an unbalanced load even if the weights of the items inside are similar. This is typically the issue if you try redistributing your laundry but just can’t seem to get it to sit evenly.

Washer Drum Out of Position

This is the least likely issue, but still possible. It is possible that the washer drum inside your appliance has slipped out of position. This makes it uneven and thus it manifests the same problem as an unbalanced load or uneven legs.


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