How To Fix the SUD Error on a Samsung Washer

December 11, 2023
Washer Repair

As the name suggests, the SUD error on your Samsung washing machine means that too much detergent has been used—or that there are too many “suds.” This error code may display as SUd, 5UD, Sd, 5d, SUdS, or 5Ud5 depending on your model of washer, but they all mean the same thing. 

But what causes this error, and more importantly, how can you fix it? Read on to find out what to do.

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What causes the SUD error?

The SUD error occurs when your Samsung washer senses the volume of suds in your machine is too high. There are two main causes behind this issue:

Excess detergent use

Detergent bottles list a recommended amount of the product you should use per load for a reason! If you use the “eyeballing” method to measure your detergent, you can easily end up with far more detergent than necessary for your load. Always use a measuring scoop, or better yet, switch to a pre-portioned pod, so you can be confident you’ll never accidentally use too much.

The wrong type of detergent used

Many Samsung washers are classed as “high efficiency” machines, and Samsung recommends that only high-efficiency detergent should be used. High efficiency detergents produce fewer suds and can clean using less water. However, if you use a regular detergent in a high efficiency machine, you can end up with a higher volume of SUDs, leading to the SUD error. 

The type of water in your area can also make a difference. There are two different classifications of water types—hard water and soft water. Hard water has a high mineral content and does not produce a lather very easily. Soft water is low in minerals and produces more lather. If you’ve been using a detergent designed for hard water in a soft water area, then you may be producing excessive suds, triggering the error code. 

When there are too many suds in your machine, it keeps the clothes from rubbing against each other, which prevents a thorough cleaning. Too much lather can also keep your clothes from being properly rinsed, which can cause detergent buildup. This can cause odors, damaged clothing, and even skin irritation. 

How to fix the error?

Ok, so you know why the error occurred. That’s not much help when your machine is filled to the brim with suds. Thankfully, there are some simple fixes that will help the suds dissipate so you can use your washer again:

Wait for the suds to dissipate

This one is pretty easy—all you need to do is watch and wait. Leave your machine for a while until the suds dissolve. Your Samsung washer will automatically sense when the suds are low enough to continue the cycle. 

If there is a huge excess of detergent in your load of laundry, the error code may return when the washer begins to agitate again. In that case, you can either wait for them to dissipate again, or move on to one of the other solutions in our list. 

Manually scoop out excess suds

It’s a little messy, but it works! Manually scooping out the excess suds is one way to remove some of the excess detergent from your washer and speed up the wash process. 

Use a bowl, cup, or other receptacle to scoop out the suds, ensuring you wash them away down your laundry sink. Once enough suds are cleared, your Samsung washer should sense that there are no longer any suds and will resume the wash cycle. 

Add a cup of vinegar to the drum

To speed up the process of waiting for the suds to dissipate, try adding a cup of vinegar to the drum. The acidity of the vinegar will immediately begin to break down the structure of the sudsy foam, making it dissolve a lot quicker. 

Your Samsung washer will sense that the level of suds has dropped and will resume the wash cycle. Using vinegar also makes it less likely that the suds will build back up when the machine begins agitating again. 

Add fabric softener 

If you don’t have vinegar on hand, fabric softener is a great alternative. In a pinch, you can even use hair conditioner, although fabric softener is preferable. Add one or two capfuls to your machine, then use a long-handled spoon or similar to stir it in with the laundry load. 

You should immediately see the excess suds begin to break apart. Once the suds are clear, your Samsung washer will resume the cycle. The machine probably won’t display the error message again, thanks to the properties of the fabric softener. 

Don’t forget to rinse

Most importantly, after you experience the SUD error on your Samsung washer, don’t forget to rinse your clothes! Once the error clears and the initial cycle finishes, you may think that your clothes are clean and ready to dry. However, thanks to the excess amount of detergent that was in the load, your clothes aren’t likely to be thoroughly rinsed. 

Run your washer on a rinse cycle without any added detergent to ensure that your clothes are properly clean, with no lingering traces of soap. Now you’re good to go!


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