Samsung Gas Oven Not Heating? How to Fix It

April 10, 2023
Oven Repair

This ultimate guide provides instructions on how to fix a Samsung gas oven that isn’t heating. In this guide, we will cover all the components you need to check and then provide step-by-step instructions on how to fix them. 

This guide applies to all major Samsung gas oven models.

Is the power supply faulty?

Checking the power is only necessary if your oven isn’t turning on at all. If it is, you can skip this section and move on to the next one. 

Follow these steps to check the power supply:

  1. Ensure the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped. If it has tripped, turn it back on and check if your oven can now heat properly. If it still doesn’t work after turning it back on, you will need to have an electrician repair it.
  2. If the circuit breaker is on, ensure the power chord is plugged in correctly.
  3. Next, try plugging your oven into a different power socket to ensure the culprit isn’t the power socket. If the original socket is faulty, it will need repairing or replacing by an electrician.

Are the gas burners blocked?

If the power is working correctly, the best place to start is to check and, if necessary, clean the gas burners. If the burners get blocked, it can stop your Samsung gas oven from heating properly.

Follow these steps to check the gas burners:

  1. Out of precaution, switch the power and gas supply off to your oven.
  2. Locate and then remove the gas burners from your Samsung oven.
  3. Give each burner a gentle clean to ensure no loose debris is interfering with their proper operation.
  4. Once clean, place them back into the oven.
  5. Switch the power and gas back on and check if your Samsung oven can now heat correctly. If not, move on to the next section.

Is the gas supply faulty?

If your oven has power and clean burners but isn’t heating, the next step is to check the gas supply. Do this by attempting to ignite your oven and checking if you can smell gas entering your Samsung oven. If you don’t detect gas, the supply line is likely faulty and requires repair by a qualified technician.

Here’s how to check the gas supply:

  1. First, check all of the gas valves are switched on.
  2. Attempt to turn your oven on.
  3. Open your oven door and check if you can smell gas coming into your oven.
  4. If you can smell gas, move on to the next section. If you don’t smell gas, call a technician to come and repair your gas supply line.

Is the igniter faulty?

The next potential cause to consider is a faulty igniter. If the gas isn’t igniting, the issue may be a defective igniter. New igniters for Samsung gas ovens are relatively inexpensive, allowing you to remove and replace them without testing first if you lack a multimeter.

Follow these steps to check the igniter:

  1. Take the lower racks out of your oven.
  2. Remove the bottom cover from your oven.
  3. Locate the igniter. It will usually be near the burners (check your user manual if necessary).
  4. Check the igniter for any obvious signs of wear and tear. If damaged, replace.
  5. If the igniter isn’t damaged, try to turn your oven on and check if the gas ignites. If not, replace the igniter.
  6. If you want, you can check it with a multimeter for continuity before replacing it. If the igniter doesn’t have continuity, replace it. If it does have continuity, move on to the next section.
  7. When replacing the igniter, you first need to ensure you purchase the correct replacement part.
  8. Once you have the correct igniter and are ready to install it, start by turning the gas and power off.
  9. Remove the faulty igniter from your Samsung oven by unthreading the screws and disconnecting all wires.
  10. Install the new one and secure it in place with the screws you removed earlier.
  11. Once installed, turn your oven on and check if the gas now ignites. If it still isn’t igniting or heating properly, move on to the next section.

Is the safety valve faulty?

The safety valve is essential in ensuring the safe supply of gas to your oven. To determine if the safety valve is faulty, you will need to test it with a multimeter.

Follow these steps to check the safety valve:

  1. Switch the power and gas supply off.
  2. Locate the safety valve in your Samsung oven. If you’re not sure where it is, check your oven manual.
  3. Once located, disconnect the safety valve.
  4. Test it with a multimeter to ensure it has continuity.
  5. If it fails the test, replace it with a new part. If it passes the test, move on to the next section.
  6. To replace the safety valve, purchase the correct replacement part and remove the faulty one. You can then install the new one.
  7. Once replaced, turn your oven on and check if it can heat properly. If it still doesn’t heat properly, move on to the next section.

Is the temperature control thermostat faulty?

If you still haven’t found a solution for your Samsung oven, your final option is to replace the temperature control thermostat. Unfortunately, the thermostat is difficult to repair, so you must replace it. The purpose of the temperature control thermostat is to monitor the temperature in your oven so the main control board knows when to allow more heat. Before replacing the thermostat, you should consider getting a second opinion from a qualified technician.


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