How to Get Your Oven Door On and Off

You could own your oven for years without needing to know how to disconnect your oven door. However, it is something that is good to know when you need it. If you need to replace the door gasket or the glass on the oven, removing the door to make these repairs is easy. Furthermore, it can also make the oven tub easy to clean as well.

To remove your oven door, start by opening it fully. Once done, you will be able to locate the hinges at the corners. These hinges come with a small, movable metal flap known as the locking mechanism. You must disengage these locking clips before the oven door can be removed. Once the locking clips are disengaged on both sides, you will want to close the oven door a little over three-fourths of the way closed and lift up. This will cause the oven door hinges to come right out of their slots.

Once your reason for removing the oven door is complete, it needs to be put back on. This is where things can get a little tricky. Often owners can easily figure out how to get the door off, but it can be troublesome to get it back on. Before trying, you need to make sure the clips are in the right position. You need to grab the hinge with a wrench and pull it away from the door. Now you will disengage the locking clip in the complete opposite direction. It should lock inside the actual slot on the oven door assuring that the hinge does not move. Do the same on the other side. Doing this will keep the hinges steady as you slide them back in their slots on the actual oven.

Once inserted, open the oven door all the way. You will then want to put the locking clips back up safely on the hinges and the door is fully back on.


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