How to Fix a Broken Light in Your Oven

A broken light isn’t exactly the biggest impediment to your oven’s function, but it can be annoying. Every time you need to check for that golden brown doneness, there will be no light to help you. That means you need to take out the food, examine it, and put it back in. All of this is done while your oven is hemorrhaging heat. Luckily, in many cases, replacing the oven light is simple.

Light Bulb

The very first thing you will always want to try is replacing the light bulb in the oven. You will want to look up the wattage of a light bulb for your oven and buy the correct replacement. They are usually very cheap, so you are not at risk of spending too much money needlessly. Unfortunately, if a new light bulb does not work, then something more serious is wrong.

Replacing the Entire Light Assembly

If replacing the light bulb has not worked, then it is possible that the light socket or switch is faulty. In most cases, these parts are not sold separately. Instead, you will need to replace the entire assembly. There are no screws you need to remove in most models, but instead, you are looking for clips. Once the light bulb is removed, you will need to pry the clips from the side of the assembly. Once done, you can pull the assembly out. Now you will be able to see the wires. Once disconnected, be careful not to lose the connecting wires back inside the oven. There is not much slack to these wires, so they will want to pull back.

With the new light assembly, it is simply a case of connecting the wires and inserting it back on the alcove. All models are a little different, but it will come with directions on how to secure the clips so that the alcove is tightened.


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