How to Prevent Your Dryer From Becoming a Fire Hazard

You probably don’t consider your Maytag dryer model MGDB766FW a dangerous appliance, and truth be told, it isn’t if the proper installation and maintenance steps are followed. However, installation mistakes and poor upkeep can turn your dryer into a fire hazard. Whether you’re concerned about your current dryer or you’re getting ready to install a new dryer, keep reading to ensure your appliance isn’t a safety issue for your home and family.

Professional Installation

It’s tempting to save money by installing a new dryer yourself, however, improper installation can turn your appliance into a fire hazard. A highly trained repair technician is not only familiar with the installation guidelines of most manufacturers, but their expertise also ensures your dryer’s venting system is set up correctly, meaning no airflow restrictions are created by accident. Even if you installed your dryer years ago, hiring a professional now to check your work and suggest improvements guarantees your past installation job won’t lead to your dryer catching fire in the future.

Clean the Lint Trap and Venting Tube

You know the importance of cleaning your lint filter before and after a dry cycle starts and finishes, and while that task is crucial, it shouldn’t be your only defense against a fire starting in your dryer. Although the majority of lint released from your clothes is caught by the lint filter, finer particles can surpass the filter, meaning they either end up in the lint trap underneath the filter or in the venting tube. To prevent a build-up of lint in the trap and tube, both need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Removing lint from the trap at least once a month is best; while cleaning the venting tube annually will guarantee reduced airflow doesn’t become a problem.

Don’t Overload Your Dryer

Overfilling your dryer with wet clothing may not seem like a big deal, but in reality, it can cause quite a few problems. First and foremost, an overloaded dryer is a fire hazard. Exceeding the manufacturer’s load recommendations will overwork certain components in your appliance, meaning the temperature in your dryer will increase to a higher than normal level. Unfortunately, the jump in temperature can lead to the clothes in your appliance catching fire or the lint in your dryer igniting. Following the load recommendations found in your owners manual will safeguard you against accidentally overfilling your appliance.
If you have questions about the safety of your dryer or you would like to schedule a repair or installation appointment, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you.