How to Replace Your Kenmore Dishwasher’s Broken Tine Row

If the tines on your dishwasher’s rows are breaking free or missing, your dishes can start rattling free during the wash cycle and breaking. But you can easily replace broken tine rows. Just order however many racks you need, which have the part number #154721404 for Kenmore dishwashers, and follow these steps to install them.

1. Unplug your dishwasher.

This repair won’t really involve any electrical components. But it’s always a good idea to unplug an appliance before you start any repairs. This precaution keeps you, the appliance, and the surrounding area safe.

2. Remove the lower dishwasher rack.

Open the door and pull out the lower rack. Set a towel on the counter to protect it from potential scratches and then set the dishrack on the covered countertop. Also, remove the silverware basket or any hanging baskets to give yourself plenty of working room.

3. Remove the tine row.

First, locate the holder with locking tabs in the back of the rack. This is the part that holds the tine row against the rack floor. Press down on the longer locking tab until it snaps free from the rack. Then swivel the part until both locking tabs are free. Lift it off the tine row and set it aside. Repeat for each of the two or three holders.
Once all of the holders have been removed, pull the tine row out of the dishwasher. Set it aside and pick up the new tine row.

4. Install the new tine row.

Line up the row with the grid along the rack’s bottom. The end with the cap goes to the rear. Then start connecting the part at the front of the row. Slide a holder over the front tine, loop the front locking tab against the bar, and then snap the rear locking tab into place.
Reinstall each of the holders as before. Then roll the lower rack back into the dishwasher.
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