4 Unusual Things to Do in Cincinnati

There are people that are perfectly fine just staying on the beaten trail, even when they have lived in a city their entire life. They go to the same shops, the same restaurants, and are perfectly fine with it. Then there’s you! You want to know Cincinnati intimately, as the weird big city that it is. If you want to explore some of Cincinnati’s more unusual activities, but don’t know where to start. We have your back.

The American Sign Museum

Long after the businesses they labeled have gone defunct, the beautifully made signs live on here in Cincinnati’s American Sign Museum. With over 200 signs and their collection dating back to the 1970’s, it is only in this museum where you can really appreciate the detail that goes into neon signs we otherwise wouldn’t look twice at.

Drive the Donut Trail

Because why not, right? Butler, located just north of Cincinnati, has more bakeries than your average city, so they created an 80-mile Donut Trail. Be sure to bring tupper ware to store all the donuts you get, unless you can eat a dozen in a few hours. Also be sure to get your passport stamped. If you mail it in with all the stamps, they’ll give you a t-shirt.

Indulge in a Speakeasy

Unsurprisingly, The Video Archive isn’t the only speakeasy in town, but it is perhaps the most fun. Hidden in the back of an old video store, the store clerk will give you a hint on what tape to pull in order to get into the back room for movie screenings and a rotating menu that might include bourbon-infused milkshakes.

The Lucky Cat Museum

Feeling lucky? You should after visiting this museum. It is home to the largest and probably only collection of the iconic Japanese beckoning cats known as maneki-neko. They are believed to bring good luck, so with over 1,000, you’re probably set.