Appliance Repair Springdale Ohio

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We serviced a
Model NED4655EW
Near Springdale, OH 45246
Job Details: 07/16/2021
"Test dryer,seems to work on automatic but will not shutdown on timed dry,. Ordering a new timer. ; ordrng 1 W10857612 (Timer)"
Near Springdale, OH 45246
Job Details: 03/02/2021
DRYER MAYTAG MEDC465HW0 120 on left leg.. right leg 20 both legs ...electrical 220 at out let...
Near Springdale, OH 45246
Job Details: 02/04/2021
DRYER MAYTAG MEDB765FW0 "Dryer test worked okay not making sounds, check underneath top cover no problem, checked underneath Front Bottom cover found two screws that had fallen out of the blower fan cover reinstall and tighten screws. Dryer working properly at this time job completed"
Near Springdale, OH 45246
Job Details: 03/11/2020
WASHER AMANA NTW4516FW1 "Found the agitator called loose and paddle brokers unit needs agitator replace; ordrng 1 285565 (agitator assy,comp)"
Near Springdale, OH 45246
Mark B.
Job Details: 02/26/2020
WASHER AMANA NFW5800HW0 "Complaint of inlet valves stripped, not allowing proper connection, confirmed complaint, ordering valves to repair.; ordrng 1 W11316255 (valve) and 1 W11316256 (valve)"