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We serviced a
Model MVWX655DW2
Near Landen, OH 45039
Job Details: 06/22/2021
"Intermittently will leave clothes wet ,has done it twice in last couple months. Remove drain pump and found to be ok, ran service diagnostics auto test and found cold water not turned on full and hot hardly on at all. Turned on hot and cold to full and ran test again with no problems. Washer working properly at this time, job complete."
We serviced a
Model WOD51EC0HS02
Near Landen, OH 45140
Joel L.
Job Details: 04/08/2021
I need four hinges for this unit. as it is a double oven and both doors are having this issue. unit will need to have updated correct hinges installed on door for proper operation and function of door. Rescheduling for part availability; ordrng 4 W10639067 (Hinges)s
Near Landen, OH 45140
Joel L.
Job Details: 01/07/2021
KITCHEN WHIRLPOOL WDF540PADM3 Plastic handle portion of the control panel had a sharp edge where the customer places their hand to open the door. Use small patch of sandpaper to remove sharp edge. Customer is happy and unit is functioning properly. All checks and tests are good customer to observe.
Near Landen, OH 45140
Joel L.
Job Details: 01/10/2020
DISHWASHER WHIRLPOOL WDF540PADM3 Customer complaint was for white film left on the inside of the dishwasher and on the racks after running. Took a water hardness level test and found very hard water in the range of 425 ppm. Filled rinse aid dispenser and recommended customer to have water softener looked at. Also recommended detergent tablets with rinse aid built-in. All other operations and checks or testing good at this time
Near Landen, OH 45039
Job Details: 11/27/2019
MICROWAVE WHIRLPOOL WOC54EC0HS01 check the microwave section of the combo over clock not counting down properly spoke with Dave at whirlpool tech-support he recommended changing the UI assemblySR7726493540Dave; ordrng 1 W11297728 (console)
Landen, Ohio
Joel fixed the problem quickly, and was very informative in general.
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