Appliance Repair Gratis Ohio

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We serviced a
Model WTW5105HW0
Near Gratis, OH 45330
Mark B.
Job Details: 03/19/2021
"Complaint of unit going off balance with small, noise with larger loads. Checked error codes, found F7E3, F0E9, F0E5, F8E1, tested unit, valves all activate normally, drain is normal, tested slow and fast agitate, both shift into and activate normally, tested high speed spin, spin is normal, no extra noise during test, nothing blocking basket or tub, found service pointer for noise issues with control replacement, ordering to repair. Also found drain hose installed too far into wall drain line, corrected installation. Ordering part to repair.; ordrng 1 W11419054 (CONTROL)"
Near Gratis, OH 45330
Jeremy F.
Job Details: 05/20/2019
WASHER WHIRLPOOL MVWC565FW1 "Customer complaint of oil leaking under washer, confirmed complaint, washer is leaking oil at the gear case, and has hot all parts under gear case covered in oil, needs gear case, motor, capacitor, splutch, actuator, belt, and cover replaced.; ordrng 1 W10721967 (drive pulley) and 1 W10913953 (actuator) and 1 W11026785 (motor-drve) and 1 W11035751 (gearcase) and 1 W11158831 (capacitor) and 1 WPW10006384 (drive belt) and 1 WPW10427633 (pulley shield)"