Appliance Repair College Corner Ohio

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Near College Corner, OH 45003
Anthony S.
Job Details: 08/14/2018
Whirlpool range WGG745S0FS02 Customer complaint of when front gas burner knobs are bumped, gas comes on and burners ignite occasionally. Customer woke up to propane smell from gas being on for several hours. Confirmed complaint, model and serial numbers. Unit currently working as designed. Customer to look into safety knob covers. ; Job Cmpltd
Near College Corner, OH 45003
Robert C.
Job Details: 04/04/2018
WHIRLPOOL Replaced cracked interface.; Job Cmpltd,
Near College Corner, OH 45003
Roxanne G.
Job Details: 02/21/2018
WHIRLPOOL FR DR DUE TL PAN Mdl WRX735SDBM04, Serial K72609296 Replaced cracked display. Checks okay; pckd up 1 W11043015 (PANEL ), Job Cmpltd