Appliance Repair Castine Ohio

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We serviced a
Model MVW7232HW0
Near Castine, OH 45304
Job Details: 07/15/2022
Got to the house washer would not power on I unplugged washer plugged it back in pressing and held the power button washer powered right on put it into a spin everything checked okay customer had laundry in unit went ahead and started it washer filled started to agitate everything checks fine at this time
We serviced a
Model WTW5000DW3
Near Castine, OH 45304
John N.
Job Details: 10/08/2021
"Per testing found the unit had a loud grinding of the splutch mat the need of the spin cycle. Replaced the splutch assembly, calibrated the unit and checked operation in diagnostics, all operations check ok. Wp wrn; used 1 W10721967 (Cam assm) from stock"