Appliance Repair Blanchester Ohio

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Near Blanchester, OH 45107
Joel L.
Job Details: 02/18/2021
ICEMAKER KITCHENAID KUIC18PNXS1 "2313702 - 223.74 pump and water level assembly.W10825875 - 576.86 drain pump WPW10605286 - 596.70 compressor Sealed system labor 599.99Part replacement labor - 140.00Unit is over filling during enitial start up process. Water level SWICTH is shorted. Drain pump is delayed and will allow water to pool in base of ice machine before finally draining out, ice cubes are smaller then normal. Some of these issues can be resolved though cleaner possibly. Cus to run cleaner though unit and is ice cubes are still small and wet. Would need sealed system and other repairs to fix unit, estimated total being around 2,000 with all parts and labor."
Near Blanchester, OH 45107
Joel L.
Job Details: 10/24/2019
REFRIGERATOR WHIRLPOOL WRX986SIHZ00 "Replaced door. Checked door seal. Door is sealing properly at this time. Cus too observe, WM6MH00FPL1 Auth"
Near Blanchester, OH 45107
Job Details: 09/30/2019
REFRIGERATOR WHIRLPOOL WRX986SIHZ00 per tech support unit needs the door replaced.SR7725661590Austin; ordrng 1 W10919622 (dor-fip)
Near Blanchester, OH 45107
Joel L.
Job Details: 06/21/2019
DISHWASHER WHIRLPOOL WDTA50SAHZ0 "Ran unit through diagnostics and checked for proper incoming water and wash for formants. No error codes at this time. Unit is filling in, washing, draining, and heating properly. Recommend customer to use a fresh cleaning tablets periodically for product performance and function. All checks are good; used 1 W10282479 from stock"
Near Blanchester, OH 45107
Job Details: 06/07/2019
RANGE WHIRLPOOL WFE320M0ES1 "W11122555 controlInstalled part listed and checked operation. All,checked as designed to operate. Unit heats operation is as designed. Power good and ckd ok."
Blanchester, Ohio
After rescheduling could not have been happier. Explained everything and quickly fixed microwave.
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