Signs That You Need a New Washing Machine

Many washing machines keep working for around 10 years. If you’re reading this, the performance of your laundry equipment has probably changed in some way. Perhaps it smells odd or simply refuses to run. Is your washer truly in need of replacement, or does it make more sense to repair this appliance?

Excessive Movement

If a washing machine won’t stay in place after leveling, you might need to buy a new unit or have it repaired. An appliance that creeps across the floor can detach itself from the water pipes, damage nearby equipment or leak considerable amounts of water. It probably also produces excessive noise.

Unsuitable Model

If there are reasons why a new unit would be more desirable, consider replacing this machine when it starts to perform poorly or show signs of deterioration. For instance, the existing appliance may not be large enough for your family. On the other hand, perhaps it occupies too much space and you could benefit from a combination washer-dryer.

Strong Smell

When thorough cleaning and ventilation can’t eliminate a foul odor, your washer probably needs replacement. This is more likely to happen if you have an appliance with a door on the front rather than the top. Mold can grow in various parts of a washing machine, including the tub, water inlet, and gasket.

Cracked Tub, Pump

If your machine has a cracked tub that leaks water, it’s often best to replace the washer unless it remains under warranty. These repairs are usually quite expensive. When it has a broken belt, bad door latch or clogged drain connection, getting repair service is usually much more affordable.

If your washer requires repair or you need help determining if you should replace it, turn to our appliance experts. We’ll quickly identify the problem’s source and estimate the cost of service. Please contact us today to get started.


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