How to Replace Your Samsung Washing Machine’s Water Inlet Valve to Stop Leaks


Over time, the water inlet valve can crack or short out. If that happens, the control board can’t control the amount of cold water going into your machine. This can result in leaks, overfilling, or no filling at all. Order replacement part #DC62-30312J for your Samsung washer. Then follow these steps to replace the broken water inlet valve.

1. Unplug the appliance and turn off the water supply.

Every repair should start with you unplugging the appliance. Because this repair involves the water lines, turn off the hot and cold water supplies before you start.

2. Access the water inlet valve.

Go to the back of the machine and disconnect the cold water inlet hose. Use pliers to loosen it and then remove it by hand.

Next, remove the top panel. To do this, remove screws in the back and then slide free of top groove. Set it aside.

After that, locate the water inlet valve towards the rear of the machine. Every model has a slightly different configuration, so take a picture of the wires. This will give you a guide for reassembly.

3. Remove the old water inlet valve.

First, remove the wires on the cold water inlet valve. Compress the clamps on both connected outlet hoses so you can wiggle them down away from the valve. Then pull the hoses off of the valve.

Look at the exterior of the machine to find the cold water inlet. Loosen the two screws on the outside of the panel to release the inlet valve from the side of the machine. Now you can just pull the valve out.

4. Install the new water inlet valve.

Push the new valve’s inlet through the hole in the rear panel and attach it with the two screws. Then slide the outlet hoses over the two ports and tighten the clamps over them. Use the picture to connect the two wire harnesses to the correct terminals on the inlet valve.

After that, slide the top panel along the rails until it locks into place in the front groove, then retighten two screws on the back. Reattach the cold water inlet hose to the new inlet valve.

Plug in the washer and turn on the water supply.

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