How to Replace Your GE Washer’s Suspension Rod & Spring Assembly

August 3, 2018
Washer Repair
If your washer has excessive shaking or vibration, something supporting the tub may be broken. If that broken part is the suspension rod and spring assembly, you can replace it in just a few steps. Order replacement part #WH16X543 for GE washers and follow these instructions.

1. Unplug the washing machine.

Because you are accessing the appliance’s interior, it’s important to unplug the appliance and prevent the chance of electrocution.

2. Access the washer’s interior.

First, remove the front panel. The front panel is secured by two locking tabs under the top panel. Use a putty knife to depress them. Then you can swing the panel away.
Next, loosen the top panel. Under the front two corners of the front panel’s area are screws holding it in place. Loosen the two corner screws and set them aside. Instead of removing the top entirely, you can just lift it up and use a block to hold it up and out of the way.

3. Remove the old suspension rod and spring assembly.

Visually locate the assembly you need to replace. Set any hoses or wiring attached to it to the side. Next, pull the assembly slightly up. The top nut rests under the top panel, and pulling up lets you access and remove the white support cup. Set it aside. Then carefully lower the assembly through the hole.
The assembly is also connected to the washer near the base of the tub. Pull the lower mount free of the metal bracket and pull the whole assembly away.

4. Install the new suspension rod and spring assembly.

Hold the new assembly in position next to the tub. Slide the lower mount firmly up against the metal bracket until the tension holds. Next, pull the top of the assembly up through the top hole. Slide the support cup back around it, lower the support against the hole, and then lower the assembly into place.

5. Reassemble the machine.

First, reattach any wires or tubes that were initially attached to the assembly’s rod. Next, lower the top panel back into place and secure it with the two screws. Then, slide the front panel into the bottom mounting tabs and push the top of the panel until it snaps into place. Plug in the washer.
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