How Long Do Washer Water Hoses Last?

When appliances are built, typically all their internal parts are meant to last about the same amount of time. This is why when you hit the 10 to 15-year mark on an appliance, it generally starts having problem after problem until you just replace it instead of throwing money at repair. However, when it comes to washer hoses, they don’t follow this rule at all.

While your washer can last over a decade easily, the connection hoses that allow it to take in water, will not. These days, most homes still use the pliable rubber hoses on their washers, although newer metal hoses will last a bit longer. The issue with the rubber hoses is that they become less pliable with age. They don’t need to expand or even move too much to function, but every time water is turned on and off through the hose, it causes a shockwave of pressure. This is protected against in your pipes, but not the hoses. This is what causes the less pliable hose to form small cracks and will eventually cause it to leak.

If the hoses attached to your washer aren’t meant to last its whole lifetime, how long do they last? The general rule of thumb is that you should consider replacing washer hoses every five years, but it can depend on the material used to make those hoses.

While this won’t make an appliance leak impossible, it will just make it less likely. If you do have washer hoses over five years old, you don’t necessarily need to rush right out and replace them. However, you will want to physically check them from cracks and brittle spots. If everything looks just fine, you can continue to use the hoses. However, you will want to keep an eye on them and they will need to be your first suspect if you see a puddle of water by your washer.


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