Eco Tips for Your Washer

April 30, 2018
Washer Repair
Every April, Earth Day comes around reminding us to green up and reduce, reuse and recycle. You may be surprised to discover that your washer and laundry can both contribute to your household’s carbon footprint and it’s easier than you think.
1. Cold Water Wash Cycle
It exists on virtually all machines and is a great option for lightly soiled loads and delicate fabrics. As there’s no hot water to heat, you save and the planet saves in energy consumption.
2. Small Load Option
Many washing machines offer a “small load” option meaning that the amount of water used is reduced. Another great way of saving on water usage.
3. Rinse Cycle
Most machines allow you to select both the washing temperature and the rinse temperature. While a warm wash is great for heavily soiled items, don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to match this with a “warm” rinse cycle. Cold water will do exactly the same job and save you a little money doing so.
4. Ecoeggs
“What?” If you’ve yet to hear about the Ecoegg Laundry solution, you’re not alone. It’s a breakthrough in traditional laundry detergent and a great eco-friendly and wallet-friendly product when compared to traditional washing powders, washing liquids and pods. One egg costs approx $40 and lasts for 720 washes! No more, big, heavy plastic jugs to recycle or carry, no more detergent boxes to recycle and, best of all, laundry detergent will hit your shopping list very, very infrequently!
5. New Washer in Your Future
The average lifespan of today’s washing machine is 11 years. Inevitably, sooner or later no matter how creative your appliance repair technician is, the time will come for a new washer. Remember Earth Day when the fateful day arrives.  Look for –
  • Washers with energy efficient modules – for example, “Accela Wash” is an option on some higher end machines – this feature uses twin water sprays and detergent injection to reduce cycle time (energy saving) while maintaining wash performance in a normal cycle. A win-win.
  • Washers that offer energy saving cycles, such as Express Wash, Small Load, or Rinse & Spin only options, will save you money and conserve water.
  • Seek an Appliance Retailer that offers to recycle your old unit. Mother Earth will thank you.
If you need advice on your washer and its current performance, call us. We’re always happy to help.

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