4 Reason Your Washer Leaves Clothing Wet After Washing

March 8, 2021
Washer Repair

Well, of course, all your clothes should be wet after washing. However, there is a difference between damp and sopping wet after a wash. If your clothes are still dripping after a wash in your washer, here are 4 reasons why.

Using an Extension Cord

This is an innocent one. If the cord didn’t reach the outlet, you may have used an extension cord to make things work. However, extension cords don’t transmit enough power, which can limit the power of a washer’s spin cycle. It won’t be able to remove as much water.

Too Many Clothes

A washer should never be crammed full of clothing. The main issue is that the clothing will not be able to wash properly. Yet, you will also not be able to rinse clothing properly and remove enough water. You will also note that the spin cycle will be pretty rough on the appliance as well.

Drain Issues

While you should always check the more innocent issues above because they are easier to rectify, your first instinct may be that your washer is having a drain problem. Over time, drains can become blocked by lint or other small items. You will want to check the drain hoses for not just clogs, but kinks as well. Furthermore, you will want to make sure the standpipe is properly adjusted as well. Finally, you will want to make sure the drain pump is functioning properly.

Spin Cycle Issues

Alongside drain issues, there very well may be spin cycle issues that are preventing your washer from draining the water from your clothing. Luckily, spin cycle issues are easier to diagnose because you likely won’t hear the spin cycle running properly. Unfortunately, the actual malfunction can be difficult to actually pinpoint. You will likely want to contact a professional to help track down the specific issue.


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