Why is Your Freezer Leaking Water?

January 11, 2021
Refrigerator Repair

A freezer is designed to hold frozen goods and keep them frozen. While there are many things that could potentially become liquid inside a freezer, they will all (or most) ideally stay in solid frozen form until you choose to thaw them. Even the water running into the freezer to make ice is controlled, contained, and becomes solid before it’s allowed loose in your freezer. So when there’s suddenly a leak with water or liquid dribbling out the bottom of your freezer compartment, there’s a problem. 

Today, we’re here to help you hunt down what that problem is and how to solve it. Whether your freezer is broken or something contained inside has made a mess, a leaking freezer is usually possible to fix and often easy to take care of on your own.  

The Ice Maker is Leaking

If water is coming out of your freezer, the most likely culprit is the ice maker. Most freezers have an ice maker, through which a water line flows. The water comes from a valve behind the fridge, runs through a filter, and is then used to fill your ice tray. The ice tray is filled and solidifies, then is dumped into the ice bucket. However, if something goes wrong, that water can leak into your freezer instead of stopping at the ice tray.

If it’s the ice maker water line, the problem can occur at a number of places. Check the ice tray and the waterline. Check any valves and gaskets along the line and track where the water is coming from exactly. Then repair the leak. 

The Defroster is Broken

The defroster cycle is meant to prevent crunchy fluff-ice from forming on the walls and boxes inside the freezer. Brief cycles where the compressor is not running allow the freezer to warm up a little bit and keeps the ice from forming. However, if your defroster is not cycling correctly, it may be warming the freezer too long. Ice and frozen goods will begin to over-melt which can create the illusion of a leak when water drips out of your freezer compartment. 

It’s Too Warm and Frozen Goods are Melting

Alternately, your freezer may not be keeping up with the heat. This is most likely in the summer when the ambient temperature is high and the compressor must work overtime to keep your fridge and freezer cold. Or your temperature setting may have been bumped up too high. Look for signs that the leak is coming from frozen goods instead of the waterline. 

A Sealed Container Has Exploded

Another option is that something sealed and put in the freezer has exploded. This can happen with soda-cans and other airtight sealed containers that are filled with liquid. When the liquid freezes, it expands, which can bust out the container and even spray the entire freezer with its contents. Then, when the defrost cycle runs, that exploded liquid can re-melt and then run out the freezer door as liquid again. 

An Alcohol Bottle Has Broken

Another option is that the liquid is actually alcohol. If your family stores liquor in the freezer, it does not freeze solid. This is because alcohol’s freezing temperature is much lower than water. Alcohol remains liquid in the freezer, especially liquor. The higher proof, the less likely it is to freeze. So if a bottle of alcohol is broken or spilled in the freezer, it can look like a leak of water. Particularly if the liquid is clear, therefore looks like water. Is your freezer leaking?

If you track the problem down to your ice maker, water line, or defroster cycle, we can help. Contact us today for freezer and ice maker repairs.


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