When is a Refrigerator Too Old?


All appliances have a maximum lifespan. Typically, appliances have a maximum lifespan between ten and twenty years. However, when they reach these ages, it doesn’t mean they will just implode suddenly. Often you can keep an appliance working for long after that maximum lifespan. It is the same with a refrigerator. It will get to about 15 years old, and you may start to wonder if it is getting too old.

You can generally benefit from replacing a refrigerator when it gets to its maximum lifespan purely from an energy efficiency standpoint. Newer refrigerator models will always use energy more efficiently, thus saving you more money over time. Furthermore, newer models will also come with helpful new features. Yet, sometimes your refrigerator just gets too old and needs to be replaced, but how can you tell?

Your household may have increased in size and there just isn’t enough space in the current refrigerator, where newer refrigerators have more volume they may fit in a similar space in your kitchen. Or you could consider a 2nd refrigerator in a different location. Or both.

Another consideration is that a refrigerator is really quite useless to your home if it is not cooling food properly. If you have trouble keeping frozen food frozen or cold food at a proper temperature, it may be time for a replacement. You will want to look into getting a new refrigerator if you constantly have trouble getting your appliance to do its primary purpose.

Some might say there is no such thing as an appliance that is too old, but that is simply not true. Sometimes it is really more cost-efficient to replace an appliance rather than keep it on life support with a repair.


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