Troubleshooting Why Your Freezer is Producing Foul Flavored Ice

There is nothing more refreshing than a cold drink served over ice fresh from your freezer. Yet, nothing ruins that quicker than bad tasting ice. It makes for a bad tasting drink. Luckily, of all refrigerator problems that one can have, fixing bad flavored ice is relatively easy. However, you have to be able to accurately pinpoint the cause in order to perform that fix. If you have bad tasting ice coming from your refrigerator, here’s what you can check.

Old Water Filter

In many cases, an old water filter is a big culprit of bad tasting ice. It is recommended that you change the water filter at least every six months, sometimes more if you use the refrigerator’s water functions frequently or have lots of impurities in the water. For many homeowners, it has probably been a lot longer since they have replaced it and it can affect the taste.However, you also want to be careful of cheap, low quality water filters that can cause bad flavor too. When replacing the filter, always use the manufacturer’s recommendation for replacement.

Dirty Freezer

Your food may not be wrapped up as tight as you believe in that freezer. As such, it can leak smells into the freezer that can actually be absorbed into your ice. If you have ice that has sat for a long time, it has likely been exposed to a lot, even more so if you also make a lot of freeze ahead meals. If you can’t remember the last time you defrosted your freezer, it might be time to give it a little cleaning and make a fresh batch of ice afterwards.

Stale Water

Similar to how ice can manifest bad flavor by simply sitting in your freezer for too long being exposed to the air, so, too, can stale water effect the flavor of a freezer’s ice. If you don’t make ice often and don’t use the water dispenser often, the water can grow stale in the line and it doesn’t taste great. If you don’t use the water functions very often, this issue can be solved easily by just running water through the line to freshen it up.