Samsung Freezer Error Codes Explained

March 14, 2023
Refrigerator Repair

Samsung error codes 

Samsung makes some of the best kitchen appliances on the market, and their freezers are no expectation. If your freezer notices that something is not quite right, it will display an error code. Knowing what each error code means is an important first step when it comes to resolving any potential issues. 

Some error codes indicate small issues that can be easily fixed with small adjustments. However, others may indicate a more serious issue that should be attended to by a professional. Here, you’ll find what error codes mean, which ones you can tackle yourself, and which may require the attention of a professional. 

Samsung refrigerator and freezer models 

There are numerous Samsung refrigerators on the market. This guide covers most Samsung freezer models, including:






















Error codes and what they mean 

Error code: 21E

What it means: 

This error code often means that the freezer fan is not turning. This is most commonly caused by the fan being frozen, the freezer not freezing properly if the freezer door has been left open for an extended period of time.

What to do: 

The best thing to do in this case is to remove the frozen goods from the freezer and let the freezer to defrost. This will unfreeze the fan and will allow it to rotate properly once the freezer is running again. To ensure that this does not happen again it is important to make sure that the freezer door closes properly. This is best done by ensuring the freezer is not overloaded, or that the door seal is not being blocked by any food in the freezer. 

Error code: 85C

What it means: 

This code means that low voltage has been detected. This can be due to a momentary power cut or a power surge to the freezer. Most of the time this issue is nothing to worry about and does not lead to any disruptions. 

What to do: 

This error code can be easily cleared by pressing ‘OK’ for 3 seconds until the code disappears. If this error occurs more frequently, try plugging the freezer into a different socket. If this does not solve the issue, a service professional can help diagnose the underlying issue. 

Error code: 24E, 40E

What it means: 

These codes both mean that there is significant frost build up in the freezer. This can be caused by freezer doors that have been left open for an extended period of time. 

What to do:

Again, the best course of action in this case is to remove the frozen goods out of the freezer and to let the freezer defrost by turning it off at the wall. Once the ice has melted, the excess water can be removed using absorbent clothes. To ensure that this does not happen again it is important that the freezer door closes properly. Ensure the freezer is not overloaded, or that the door seal is not being blocked by any food in the freezer. 

Error code: PC ER, dC

What it means:

This error code suggests that the freezer door is not closing properly, or that the freezer does not sense that the door is closing as it should. This can be caused by freezer foods that are blocking the closing of the door, or broken door seals.  

What to do: 

The first thing to do when this error code occurs is making sure nothing is blocking the closure of the freezer door. Moving any food that is placed close to the door is a great way to ensure the freezer is not overfilled, causing the door to not shut properly. The next thing to do is to wipe down the freezer seals, to ensure there is no build up that prevents the door from closing. If this does not work, inspect the door seals for any damage. If the door seals are damaged, they will need to be replaced so that the freezer door closes properly. 

Error code: All codes flashing 

What it means: 

If all error codes are simultaneously flashing this means that your Samsung freezer is running a self diagnosis. This usually occurs if there has been a power outage, and is usually nothing to worry about. Your freezer is simply making sure all systems are running as they should. 

What to do:

Hang tight and let your freezer run its diagnostic. Your freezer is most likely fine and will not require any action. However, if any of the error codes remain further action may be required. 

Error code: 0F

What it means: 

The error code 0F means that your fridge freezer is in display mode. This means that the freezer is in its showroom mode, and will not cool. You will likely see this if your freezer is brand new. 

What to do:

This error code should not concern you. Simply press the power freeze and freezer buttons at the same time for 5 seconds. This should reset your freezer and have it back up and running. 

Error code: 4C, 4E

What it means:

These error codes usually appear when there is a more complicated problem with your Samsung freezer. The 4C and 4E error codes may mean there has been a shortage in the main sensor board. It could also appear when the sensor temperature reaches extremely high, or low temperatures. 

What to do:

Unfortunately, this error code likely requires assistance from a trained appliance professional. If turning the freezer on then back on again does not resolve the issue, it is time to call in a professional to fix the problem. Attempting to fix it yourself may lead to further complications.


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