How to Replace a Faulty Water Supply Valve On Your Refrigerator

February 8, 2021
Refrigerator Repair

Though a water-using part, the water supply valve on your refrigerator is an electrical component that uses solenoids to control the flow of water. While it may open and close when signaled by the control board for years, it is possible that the build-up of water minerals or faulty solenoids will someday prevent it. This can result in either a lack of water or far too much of it. While replacing a faulty water supply valve in your refrigerator may seem like a complicated repair, it can be broken down into a few simple to follow steps. These steps are generalized and can vary by model and brand.

Replacing a Water Supply Valve In a Refrigerator

  • Shut off the power to your refrigerator and disconnect the water lines.
  • Remove the lower access panel near the water inlet.
  • Unthread the screws that secure the water inlet to the refrigerator.
  • You may need to remove locking clips, but otherwise, you simply need to disconnect the wire harnesses from the solenoids.
  • When sliding out the old water supply valve, be prepared to catch any water spillage.
  • With a replacement water supply valve for your model of refrigerator, line it up and slide it in.
  • Secure any locking clips before attaching the wire harnesses.
  • Reattach the water supply line. Be careful not to over-tighten the nut if your refrigerator uses copper tubing.
  • Plugin the refrigerator and turn on the water.
  • Test water-using features.

While this all makes the process seem very simple, and it can be, you will want to be careful making the repair. Small things, like crushing the copper tubing accidentally, can cause big problems. Furthermore, you will want to make sure you consult your owner’s manual to find the specifics for the water supply valve on your refrigerator as well as the model number so you can order the appropriate replacement part.


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