How Do You Clean The Coils on Your Refrigerator?

December 28, 2020
Refrigerator Repair

Everyone knows how important it is to clean the coils on your refrigerator. They dissipate heat from the refrigerator to keep the interior cool. If they get cover in dust or pet hair, that serves as an insulator and makes that job more difficult. However, while everyone knows that they should clean them, not everyone knows how to actually clean them. It isn’t a job you need a professional for or even one that requires a lot of tools. The only thing you specifically need to clean the coils on your refrigerator is a gentle touch.

Depending on your refrigerator, the coils are located on either the back or the bottom of your refrigerator. They will be covered with a protective grill that you can brush off or wipe down with a cloth. Once you remove this grill with a screwdriver you will be exposed to the actual coils. It is recommended that you buy a brush specifically designed for cleaning these coils, but anything with somewhat pliable bristles will do. A broom, if you have the space to navigate it, works just fine. You want to avoid using damp cloths on them, however. If you have nothing else, use a dry cloth to wipe them down. The key here is to do it gently so you don’t risk damaging the coils with physical pressure.

Once you have finished brushing the coils off, you will want to use the hose attachment of your vacuum to remove the dust that came off. Leaving it there is just an invitation to allow it to attach back on. It is recommended that you do this every six months, but if you do it at least every year, you are doing much better than most. It can help extend the lifespan and energy efficiency of your refrigerator.


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