Why Do The Coils On Your Stove Keep Moving Around

If you have an electric stove, then the coils should be fairly immobile on the appliance. In truth, because they plug into the stove, they should wiggle a little bit for flexibility, but ultimately don’t move around after you set heavy pans on them. However, if you find the coils on your stove are a bit wiggly even with pans, then this is something you definitely want to look into to keep hot food from sloshing and pans from slipping.

Improperly Sized Tray

Underneath your electric stove coils will be a metal tray. This serves to catch spills and crumbs from the cooking process, reflect heat upwards, and, most importantly to this issue, keep the electric coils stable during the cooking process. In many cases of this issue, stove owners have replaced the metal trays due to dirt or age and now find that their coils move. The reason for this is simple, the trays are not the proper size. They are too big or too small for the alcove and are not providing a stable surface.

Loose Connection

If you haven’t replaced the trays recently, then the next suspect is the connection. Your electric burner coils plug into a connection to provide power. This also lends to its overall stability. If the connector is loose, then your electric coil will be extra wiggly. Of course, the more obvious issue is a loose connector means the coil itself likely won’t be getting proper power from the connection. This means that the burner will likely not work at all or work intermittently. Unfortunately, whereas replacing the trays is super simple, this will require actual repair. You will need to lift the stove hood and disconnect the electricity before examining the connector. Unfortunately, in some cases, the repair may require a more professional hand.


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