What to Do When Your Oven Door Won’t Close?

Do you notice that your oven is hemorrhaging more heat than usual? Can you see that it is not closed properly? Does the oven light stay on even when the door is closed? These are all signs that your oven door isn’t closing as it should. Not only does this lead to the potential for burns due to escaped heat, but it will also result in improperly cooked food.

Check For Debris

On occasion, your oven door may be physically blocked by food particles or other obstructions. Check around the inner edges of the door and the oven tub to see if you can find any debris the needs removing.

Door Latch

Ovens with a self-cleaning feature will be able to lock the oven door. If the door lock is stuck or even partially stuck in that position, it will prevent the oven door from closing. Sometimes this can be reset by engaging the door lock and disengaging it.

Alternatively, if your door latch is bent or stuck, you will need to replace it. It is likely the cause of your oven door sticking open or not sealing properly.


Your next culprit should be the hinges of the oven door. These hinges should first be checked for debris. Then, once cleaned, the screws should be loosened and then retightened. Loose or improperly aligned hinges can keep your door from closing all the way, and by removing the screws, it can help settle them down into realignment.

Door Seal

Every oven comes with a padded, heat-resistant strip that helps seal the oven door. It may be on the inner edge of an oven tub or the inner edge of the actual door. The strip should be even and smooth in its alcove with no pieces raised or damage to it. If your seal is not even or undamaged, it will need to be replaced.


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