How to Replace the Spark Ignition Switch on a Maytag Gas Stove

April 5, 2021
Oven Repair

While your Maytag gas stove burns gas as fuel, it uses an electric spark for the initial ignition. The spark ignition switch is what will trigger that spark. However, if your gas burners are not lighting, then it is likely that the spark ignition switch is the part that is malfunctioning. It is no longer sending the correct signal that will trigger the spark in a particular burner. As with any malfunctioning part, it needs replaced and it is a fairly simple affair if you know what to do.

Unfortunately, the way the spark ignition switch is set up, you cannot replace just one if only one burner is malfunctioning. The spark ignition switches are all chained together as one unit, so even though your other burners may work, you have to replace all the switches at the same time. This makes disassembly a little more difficult, but the replacement is still fairly straightforward.

To begin, you will need to disconnect your Maytag gas stove from the electricity and the gas. Next, you will need to begin disassembly. You will need to remove all burner knobs, all burner grates, and all burner caps. Next, you need to disconnect the gas to the burner heads and remove them. With the burner heads removed, the hardest bit of this replacement is done.

The spark ignition switches will be located behind each burner knob on the interior of your stove. Before pulling them off, you will want to disconnect the wire harness. They should then slide right off, and after the whole chain is removed, the new one should slide right back on.

With the new spark ignition switch slid on and the wire harness plugged in, you will want to reassemble your stove and test it. Now all burners should light easily and without issue.


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