How to Replace the Outer Glass Panel On Your Oven

Accidents do happen, and when they do, you hope they don’t cost a fortune. However, when a baseball gets thrown or a can gets dropped and it hits the outer glass of your oven door, that crack looks like an expensive repair, but really isn’t. If the glass on the outside of your oven is cracked, this means heat can escape. However, it is possible to replace the glass, rather than replace the whole door.

For this repair, you will not only need a replacement glass panel for your oven door, but double stick tape to apply it. This creates a tight seal that assures the heat doesn’t escape around the glass pane.

Once you have obtained a replacement glass panel, start this repair by removing the oven door completely. To remove the oven door, open it fully and release the locking mechanisms on both sides. Close the door partially and it should lift right up and out.

You should now lay the door on a padded surface and remove the screws that secure the inner door panel to the outer door. Be sure to remove the screws on the bottom of the oven door as well, they can be easily missed.

Once done, the inner door panel can now be removed and the top trim should slide off as well. You will now have access to the outer glass panel which is held on by double stick tape. You will need to carefully pry it up and remove it.

Before placing the new panel, you will need to apply new double stick tape and make sure it is properly aligned. Reinstalling the glass pane may require two people to ensure proper alignment. Once done, press firmly and reinstall the inner panel and reattach the door to the oven. Your door should be as good as new.

Steps will vary based on your design as manufacturers strive to make this simpler for consumers to do on their own.


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