How to Repair a Noisy Convection Oven and Save Some Money in the Process!

When you turn on your convection oven, are you beginning to notice a noise that you haven’t heard before?

If so, there is a good chance that the convection oven fan is going bonkers and may need to be replaced. Follow along with this simple guide to see if you can save some money on a costly service call and repair it yourself.
Tools Needed
  • # 2 Philips head screwdriver
  • Multimeter
Before attempting to remove and replace your convection oven fan, remember to either unplug the oven or shut off the power at the circuit breaker.

How to Access and Remove the Fan Blade

  • Remove the oven door. If you own a Jenn-Air brand of oven, open the oven door to about 45 degrees and grab each side of the door and carefully pull upward and away from the door hinges. The door is quite heavy so be careful not to injure yourself. Other models may have a locking mechanism that locks the door in place to its hinges. Simply rotate both hinge locks back toward the oven. The door will be free to pull away from the hinge. Lay the door face down on a soft surface such as a towel or your kitchen area rug.
  • Remove all oven racks to gain clear access to the convection fan.
  • With a Philips head screwdriver remove the two or three screws that hold the fan cover in place. Carefully remove the cover, avoiding sharp edges.
  • Pull the fan assembly away from the cavity it sits in.
  • Disconnect the wire harness and set the fan assembly aside.

How to Check for Voltage

  • Using your multimeter, determine if there are 120 volts of alternating current traveling to the wire harness. If the harness checks okay, then move on to the next step.
  • Check the ohm reading for the assembly fan. The ohm reading should be between 80 and 90 ohms.
  • Visibly inspect the fan for any loose blades, wobble, or debris.
  • Ensure the nut holding the fan blade to the fan assembly is on tight.
  • If the fan assembly has any symptoms such as an open winding or an ohm reading that is out of range could be the reason the fan is off kilter and making a lot of noise. Continue to look for any visible obstructions.

How to Replace the Fan

  • Replacing the fan blade is as simple as ordering the part, removing the old blade and replacing it with a new one.
  • Use a ½ inch socket to remove the nut that holds the fan blade to the fan assembly. Turn the nut clockwise to loosen.
  • Align the new fan blade to the motor shaft on the fan assembly. Turn the nut counter-clockwise by hand until the nut is tightened.
  • Reconnect the wire harness and return the fan assembly to its seat.
  • Replace the fan cover, oven racks, and the oven door.
  • Turn on your convection oven and test the new fan blade to determine if this simple repair has solved your noisy oven.