How to Clean Between the Glass on Your Oven Door

March 8, 2021
Oven Repair

Have you scrubbed both sides of your oven door only to find that the glass still dirty? Don’t continue to grind at the glass. Your issue is most likely not the outside of the glass, but rather the inside of it. Oven doors aren’t typically one solid sheet of glass. For better insulation, they are typically two sheets of glass with open air in between. It helps keep heat in and prevents the glass from becoming a burn hazard. However, few expect the backside of the glass to get dirty, but it does. It can cause the oven window to look dirty as well as obscure the view of the food. It makes having a window on your oven door pretty useless. Luckily, it is possible to clean it.

While it will vary depending on the model of your oven, and you will want to consult your owner’s manual, you will want to remove the oven door and lay it on a towel-lined surface. While it is not immediately obvious to the eye, you will find a gap in the door at the bottom that will allow a thin object in to clean the interior of the glass without having to take apart the door.

You can buy specific tools, but many times a yardstick with a thin, soft cloth wrapped around it and secured tightly with rubber bands is good enough.

If you need extra scrubbing power, it is recommended to use white vinegar on the cloth. You can use soapy water, but that will require rinsing the interior and may leave streaks if not properly dried. Even if using white vinegar, you will want to wait until the interior of the glass is dried before returning the oven door onto its hinges. This will give you time to make sure there are no streaks.


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