A Guide to Keeping a Glass Stovetop Functional and Undamaged

A glass stovetop can be a sleek and modern addition to the aesthetic of your kitchen. However, while that tempered glass is pretty sturdy and conducts heat well, it is not impervious to damage. In fact, compared to other options, it can be pretty vulnerable. If you want to keep your glass stove looking nice and still being functional, you will want to keep a few things in mind.

Avoid Cast Iron

Cast iron can be a staple in the kitchen, but it doesn’t mix well with glass stovetops at all. The issue is that cast iron is too rough to move smoothly on the glass. This results in scratches, etching, and even cracking if you plop it down too hard. You can use cast iron, but you have to be very gentle with placing it and picking it up when it needs to be moved instead of sliding it.

Clean Frequently

Any stove can benefit from cleaning after each use, but glass needs to be carefully tended. If spills, particularly those with sugar in them, end up on the glass for too long, it can lead to discoloration that never goes away.

Avoid Heavy Objects

In the same vein as cast iron, you want to avoid items that are particularly heavy on your glass cooktop. While the glass is pretty sturdy, it can crack. Don’t be too rough with your pots and pans, and probably don’t stack any concrete blocks on there either.

Use Flat Bottom Cookware

Many pans come with ridges on the bottom to help it stay in place on electric coils or gas cooktops. However, if you have a glass cooktop, you want to choose smooth bottomed cookware. With these types of pans, not only do they conduct heat better on glass, but you can slide them without worrying about scratching the glass.


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