What Does the Key Stuck Message Mean on Your Electrolux Dryer

On your Electrolux dryer, in many instances, when there is a problem it will throw out an error code to let you know. However, the real problem with error codes is that you rarely know exactly what they mean, just that there is a problem somewhere that needs taking care of. If your Electrolux dryer is suddenly throwing out the key stuck error code, here is what your problem is.

What “Key Stuck” Means

The key stuck error code means that a key on the control panel is stuck in a certain position. This means that the key may not function because it is stuck or that another function may not activate until a different key is unstuck. The keys can stick over time for a variety of reasons and unsticking them may not always mean an in-depth repair.

Resetting Your Dryer

Before attempting a repair, you should always try to clear this error code by resetting the machine. By pressing the temperature and dryness buttons at the same time for six seconds, it should reset your dryer. You can also do this by manually unplugging the dryer if one of those buttons happens to be the button that is stuck. This can unstick the buttons and clear the error code. If it does not, you do need to make an actual repair.

Control Board Replacement

If your keys aren’t particularly dirty on the exterior, in most cases the key stuck error code is put out because a portion of your control board is going faulty. Typically the key isn’t activating that spot on the control board and a replacement will need to be made. However, while the control board is the brain of your dryer, replacing it can be as simple as removing the mounting screws and unplugging the wire harnesses. The most difficult part of this repair is actually reaching the control board through disassembly.


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