The Most Common Dryer Problems to Investigate First

March 8, 2021
Dryer Repair

You are probably not preparing for an upcoming dryer problem. It is most likely that you already have a problem and are wondering what is wrong with your appliance. While every appliance problem comes with specific symptoms, there are a few common issues that can manifest in a dryer. If your dryer is having issues, see if they match any of these common dryer problems.

Clogged Vents

Is your clothing coming out warm, even hot, but is still quite wet? This can be one of the early signs of a clogged dryer vent. You will want to remove the exhaust hose, check it for lint clogs, and then check the vent installed in your home for lint clogs. Ignoring this issue means that your dryer will be less effective, but it also means you put your home at huge risks for a dryer fire.

Blown Thermal Fuse

Is your dryer not working or it doesn’t produce any heat? It could be that the thermal fuse has blown. This safety feature installed in all dryers is meant to cut the power if the dryer gets too hot. In some dryers, it cuts the power completely while in others it simply cuts the power to the heating element. It is, however, a single-use part. You will need to replace it if it has blown. You will also want to investigate why the dryer overheated enough to trip the fuse as well.

Slipped Dryer Belt

Is the dryer drum no longer rotating? The easiest initial check and often the most likely culprit is the dryer belt. This belt works to rotate the drum, but as it ages, it can slip off the motor. If you do find that the belt has slipped off, you will want to replace the belt rather than just put it back on. If it happened once, it will happen again.


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