Solving Squeaky Dryer Problems

If your dryer squeaks while running, it makes laundry day significantly less enjoyable. This squeaking, also described as chirping, usually only has one cause. It means that the drum rollers are worn out. These rollers help keep the dryer drum stable as well allow it to rotate smoothly and without noise. However, as they make frequent contact, they can wear down and manifest that distinctly obnoxious squeaking chirp.

Before beginning, you will want to disconnect the power to your dryer and shut off the gas if it is a gas-powered dryer. You will also want to consult your owner’s manual to see if the rollers are accessed via the front or the back. The repair is the same regardless of where the rollers are, you simply need to remove the front panel instead of the back panel. For back panel repairs, you will also need to remove the dryer vent hose.

Once the appropriate panel has been removed and you have access to the drum and rollers, you will want to first inspect the rollers for damage. If only one roller is damaged, you will still need to replace them all for even distribution.

The rollers are held on by triangular bolts that can be unscrewed with pliers, but you want to be careful not to bend or break the spindle that holds the rollers, so do not apply too much force. Before installing new rollers and the fiber washers that come with them, you will want to rub the spindle gently with sandpaper and clean it with alcohol. This will assure even motion for the new rollers.

Once the rollers are in place, secure them with the triangular roller keepers and reassemble your dryer. This should solve your squeaking issue so you can dry your clothes in peaceful quiet rather than an irritating symphony of squeaks.


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