Replacing the Push-to-Start Switch on Your Kenmore Dryer

The great tragedy that can befall your dryer is that you load it up, close the door, twist the start knob…and nothing happens. Is your dryer completely broken? Do you need a new one? Maybe. However, before you start shopping for a potentially costly replacement, you might want to make sure your broken dryer isn’t just a broken push to start button.

If you have tested the switch with a multimeter and found it is faulty, the good news is that replacing the switch is both simple and affordable.

Start by disconnecting the dryer from the power and removing the push-to-start knob from the front of the console. Move to the back of the dryer and remove the screws that secure the back panel cover so you can remove it.

You will now have access to the push-to-start switch. Be sure to make a note of how the wires are attached for the next part of the installation. Once done, remove the wire harnesses and if the knob is removed from the front, you will be able to depress the locking tab and rotating to the switch to completely remove it.

Now it is time to install the replacement switch. This is done by rotating it until it locks into place. Now you can reattach the wires, careful to do it in the right order so as to not damage the new switch. Securing on the back panel, you are now free to reinsert the knob on the front. After reconnecting it to the power, your dryer should start up as intended.

If your dryer does continue to not start up, it may be time to call a professional service to get to the root of the problem. It could be a damaged start switch or it could be something more serious that is preventing your dryer from functioning as intended.


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