Replacing the Control Board on a Whirlpool Duet Dryer

Having a dryer that spins but doesn’t dry can be frustrating. An electric dryer that doesn’t seem to be heating, or heating enough to dry, could require the replacement of the main control board. Sometimes diagnosing the problem is more difficult than fixing it. If this seems to be the problem, replacement on a Whirlpool duet electric dryer is not difficult.

Gaining Access to the Panel

Unplug the dryer from the wall. Remove the top panel by removing the screws in the back of the unit. Push the panel back and lift up, be careful the panel could have sharp edges. Remove the panel plate on the left side of the dryer as you face it by removing the screws and also remove the two pins, or zip ties, which help hold it in place. Then lift out the panel.
Next, you’ll want to start removing the electric connections – some pull straight off, others have clips that you’ll need to push in to remove. Pliers will be needed to remove some of the terminals. Once all the wires are off, you can remove the control panel and bracket. Take off the panel from the bracket by removing the long screw.

Replace the Control Board

To install the new control board, first make sure you have the correct board. Then make sure you are placing it correctly and push the tabs in place. Then replace the long screw. If the screw doesn’t match up, you’ll know you have placed the new panel incorrectly and will need to turn it around. Then you’ll reinstall the new control board and bracket.
Carefully install the wiring, each to their correct location. They are keyed to go in one way to avoid errors, so don’t try to force something into the wrong location. Once that is done you are ready to replace the panel, reinstalling each pin or zip tie by lining it up with the hole and inserting it in place. Replace the three screws that hold the control board bracket in place. And replace the top panel.
Plug in the dryer and run it for a test.
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