Reasons Why Your Dryer Is Constantly Squeaking

You probably didn’t want to be doing laundry in the first place, but what could possibly make it worse? A very annoying squeak noise coming from your dryer while it is running. It kind of ruins what little peace you had going on. Unfortunately, squeaking in dryers is a problem that has many different potential causes and it can be pretty difficult to find the true cause. However, by knowing what to check, you can hopefully get it fixed before your next load of laundry.

Loose Screws

Repairing a squeaky dryer should always start by trying to specifically pinpoint where in the dryer it is happening. Once you have an approximation, your first step, because it is the easiest repair to make, is to check the screws. A loose screw can cause squeaking noises, but once tightened, the issue should be resolved.

Uneven Machine

If you found the squeaking is happening near the bottom of your dryer or perhaps noticed a thumping during the cycle, you should check the adjustable feet on your machine. If a dryer is even just slightly unlevel, the squeaking can be caused by those feet. Like screws, this is an easy readjustment.

Worn Drum Pads

In order to support the drum of it goes along its path smoothly, the dryer is propped on plastic pads. However, similar to worn brake pads on a car, when these pads wear down, they can cause squeaking. Location of this varies by brand and model.

Old Drive Belt

Your dryer works with the motor, pulley, and drive belt in order to rotate. If the drive belt becomes worn as it ages, it can create squeaking noises. Typically, you will be able to spot signs of wear or damage on an old drive belt to pinpoint this as the cause.

Worn Drum Bearing

The drum bearings support the back of the drum, and if they wear out, it can cause squeaking. You can test this by removing the drive belt and spinning the drum. If it is hard to turn or squeaks when it does, the bearings should be replaced.


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