Replacing a Drain Hose in a Dishwasher

For as crucial of a part as the drain hose plays, you would think it would be made of something sturdier than corrugated plastic. Responsible for ferrying away the wash water, your drain hose in your dishwasher is unfortunately prone to cracks, leaks, and clogs. While it is possible to flush a drain hose free of clogs, when it starts leaking or has become brittle with age, it needs to be replaced.

Installing a New Drain Hose

Before beginning this repair, you will need to obtain a replacement drain hose for your make and model of dishwasher. You will also want to disconnect the dishwasher from its water and power source as you will need to pull the dishwasher out to reach the drain hose.

Start by removing the screws that hold the front access panel on and removing the panel completely. After removing the wires from the junction box, you are then free to remove the screws from the mounting bracket. This will allow you to pull the dishwasher out from its alcove.

Now you will have access to the drain hose itself. You will need to squeeze the wire hose clamp in order to remove the drain hose from the drain pump. This can be a bit difficult, so you may wish to have pliers on hand to help.

From inside the dishwasher, you will need to remove the plastic nut from the water inlet assembly. Doing so will allow you to pull out the drain hose. If the nut is difficult to move, enlist the aid of those pliers again, but be careful not to warp it. From here, you simply need to disconnect the other end by depressing the wire spring clamp that connects it to your sink.When connecting the drain hose, you will want to make the new installation very much in the same way you removed the old hose. Start by connecting it to the drain pump, secure it, and then run it through the water inlet valve. Only after do you want to connect it to the sink. You need to be careful to seat the hose properly or else risk it leaking.

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