Replace Your Frigidaire Dishwasher’s Kickplate Assembly If It Cracks

October 1, 2018
Dishwasher Repair
Underneath your dishwasher’s door, there should be a panel that protects the internal workings from the bottom of the door to the floor. If this kickplate panel is lost or damaged, add a new one.
Not only is it a decorative element that makes your dishwasher look complete, but it also stops dust, fuzz, and pet hair from getting into your machine. Order replacement part #154589503 for a kickplate that fits your Frigidaire model.

1. Unplug your dishwasher

The decorative kickplate assembly covers a lot of your dishwashers panels and wiring. Unplugging your dishwasher before you get started means you won’t accidentally touch any live wires with your hands or your screwdriver.
Unplugging a major appliance (or flipping the switch to the matching circuit breaker) is the first step to almost every appliance repair.

2. Remove the kickplate assembly.

Loosen the two screws at either bottom corner of the kickplate. Next pull the bottom of the kickplate assembly forward. The part extends up past the door, so you will need to start to tilt it so you can pull the assembly out. Set it aside.

3. Install the new kickplate assembly.

Feed the top of the assembly behind the door. In the top panel, the cutouts have two locator pin holes. Make sure the pins feed into the holes for everything to align. If the pins aren’t in place, you won’t be able to screw the kickplate into place.
You may have to try two or three times to fully hook the pins into place. If they won’t line up, turn on your phone’s light and take a picture of the inside of the door assembly so you have a guide as you work.
Once you feel the pins lock into place. Push the lower portion of the kickplate into position so it’s flush with the bottom of the dishwasher’s front. Then secure each bottom corner in place with the two screws.
Plug your dishwasher back in.
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