ASKO Dishwashers Recalled For Potential Fire Hazard

Have you purchased an ASKO dishwasher between October 2016 and July 2019 for your home? Then you may need to locate the model number on the inner left side of your dishwasher and cross-check it against the long list of model numbers that belong to recalled ASKO dishwashers.ASKO North America is recalling these Slovenia made dishwashers sold in the United States as well as Canada because they can be a potential fire hazard due to overheating.

On these stainless steel dishwashers with customizable handles and doors that run 24 inches wide, 22 inches deep, and either 32 or 35 inches tall, they have issues with the power cord. These dishwashers were sold specifically ASKO authorized dealers. So if a store carries ASKO products, it very well could have sold these dishwashers to you or in your area. They were sold between 2016 and 2019 for between $1,000 and $2,200.The problem with these dishwashers is that over regular use, the power cord will heat up and has the potential to cause fires.

As of yet, there have been 53 reported cases of this happening, but no injury or property damage has been reported by owners as of yet. ASKO urges those who have affected dishwashers to contact them to make sure they do not become the first instance in this recall. You can look up your model number and how to engage in the recall in ASKO North America’s website.

If you have an affected ASKO dishwasher, the company is asking you to stop using the dishwasher immediately and turn off the power to it at the circuit breaker. You are then encouraged to contact ASKO North America through their website for a free, in-home repair where they will change out the power cord to one that does not have an overheating problem.


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