Reasons To Love Cincinnati? What’s Not To Love???

March 26, 2018

Seriously, there are so many reasons to love Cincinnati, we can’t possibly cover all of them in one blog post. We’ll hit on four top reasons: architecture, food, culture, and professional sports.

Founded in 1788, Cincinnati grew in leaps and bounds its first 40 years in existence. The townspeople became so proud of their city they dubbed it “The Queen City”, and later “Queen City Of The West.” In the older portions of downtown, the lovely architecture is a tribute to the early settlers. There is a unique blend of beautiful buildings throughout in a wide variety of styles including Gothic, Italianate, Queen Ann, and Richardson Romanesque to Modern. Take your pick of tours to see what interests you here.

This town is a foodie’s delight. If you crave it, Cincinnati probably has it! There are two you definitely do NOT want to miss: Graeter’s Ice Cream (aka manna from heaven) and Skyline Chili. Cincinnati natives know Skyline chili is the ONLY chili. Try them and see if you don’t agree! There are several excellent Indian restaurants. There is even a bakery that delivers hot-from-the-oven cookies until the early morning hours.

To live here is to experience culture. It is everywhere. Museums, parks, art shows, butterflies, zoo, botanical gardens, music, plays, the list doesn’t stop. Check out all of the events to find exactly what inspires you. Don’t miss Findlay Market, either. It is the oldest continually operated public market in Ohio and a treasured institution.  You must experience Findlay Market because words cannot do it justice.

For sports fans, March 29 is opening day of major league baseball and for Cincinnati, that means going to see the Reds play at Great American Ball Park in downtown. Check their schedule for home games. In fall, enjoy watching the Cincinnati Bengals play at Paul Brown Stadium.

Any time of year is a good time to be in this fine city. The people are warm and friendly; there’s plenty to do, great food, and beauty abounds. What’s not to love???


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