How to Replace Your Samsung Washer’s Air Hose After it Cracks

Your Samsung washer’s air hose is designed to connect the dispenser to the outer tub without any leaks. But if it cracks, it can’t do its job. Once you see cracks in the tube or you isolate it as the cause of a leak, order replacement part #DC67-00275A. Then unplug the washer and follow this set of instructions to replace it.

1. Access the air hose.

Remove the top panel. Do this by removing the two screws at the back of the machine. Then slide the panel toward the rear of the machine until it’s free of the groove at the front of the machine. Lift it up and set it aside.

Locate the black air hose under the detergent dispenser.

2. Replace the old air hose.

Use pliers to compress the handle of the clamp and loosen the clamp connecting the hose to the tube. Push it back so you can pull the edge of the hose away from the outer tub port. Do the same to the clamp connecting the air hose to the dispenser. Pull the hose and clamps out.

Pull the clamps away from the old hose and attach them to the new hose instead. Next, slide the hose back into position. Push the narrower end of the hose to the port on the dispenser, and attach the wider end over the port on the outer tub. Once both ends are in position, compress and tighten the clamps into position to secure the hose.

3. Reassemble the washer.

Position the top access panel on the top rails. Then slide it forward so it fits under the control panel groove at the front of the machine. Resecure it with two screws at the back of the top panel.

Before you plug the washer back in, see if you need to make any other repairs. Go to A to Z Appliance Repair for more tips and guides.


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