Select Kenmore Elite Microwave Ovens Recalled Due to Burn Hazard

Do you own a Kenmore Elite microwave that is only a few years old or have received a recall notice for it in the mail? Well, it is time to give it a check to make sure it isn’t part of a recent recall. Select Kenmore Elite microwaves, about 700 total units in number, are now being recalled for becoming a fire hazard from incorrect wiring.

The affected units were manufactured on April 27th, 2017, which may be oddly specific. However, you can quickly discern if your microwave might be affected by looking for the numbers “170427” as the first six digits of the serial numbers. This can be found printed near the bottom of the door on the appliance. If you own a 1,000-watt Kenmore Elite microwave or purchased a microwave at Sears between May 2017 and July 2018 for around $350 you will want to give that serial number a check. Manufactured in China on that particular day, there was a wiring error on the line that affected about 700 units and causes them to exceed 183 degrees F on the exterior when in use that can pose as both a fire hazard and burn hazard.

Recall Information

If you have discovered that you have one of these afflicted units, what do you do next? You will want to get in contact with Sears product recall. It is likely they tried to send you a product recall notice, but it could not reach you. Instead, you will need to get in contact with Sears via their website or by calling 800-659-7026. Once done, they will set up a free in-home repair appointment for you to rectify the wiring issues.

As the microwave gets so hot on the exterior it is best to unplug it and discontinue use until you can have the repair made to maintain the safety of your home.


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